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About Rivers Inc

The Trip

Our typical meet time is 10:30am. By only doing one float per day, our customers are guaranteed greater leisure and flexibility-no one is rushed through their day on the river. Want to sunbathe an extra 20 minutes at lunch time? Not a problem. This is your day to enjoy.

The Guides

Some of the benefits of rafting with a "smaller sized" company:

  • Guide-to-client ratios are kept small: never any more than eight customers per employee.
  • This allows us to only employ the best guides.
  • We keep it this way in order to personally ensure River Inc.'s flawless safety record will be kept by the best trained guides in the business.
  • River's Inc consistently exceeds the state minimum requirements and expectations for our whitewater rafting guides.
  • Some rafting guides have been with Rivers Inc. for a year or two, and others since it began-all are professionals who meet and exceed State standards, who enjoy people and the great outdoors. All have first aid and CPR certification.

The rivers that we float are about a class III-the reason why is because it is the best level for both novices AND expert paddlers.

The Food

Our riverside buffet lunches are designed to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. We always have plenty of variety for the most discerning of eaters. Accommodations are easily made for special dietary needs.

Our typical lunch menu includes:

  • A large assortment of sandwich deli fixings
  • Homemade pasta salad
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Fruit of the Season
  • Our Famous Riverside Cookies
  • Real Lemonade and Ice Tea


A Bus Shuttle is provided to eliminate the hassle of getting back to your cars at the end of the trip. We meet you at the end of the trip (a.k.a. take-out) and give you a ride back to the start (a.k.a. put-in). This way, your vehicle and dry clothes are waiting for you at the end of the trip.

The Results

Our guides are experienced, fun-loving, dedicated professionals, who will ensure that you have a safe, yet outrageous rafting adventure. They will work hard to ensure that the day you spend on the river is the way you want it spent.

The Well Dressed Rafter

What to Wear

Always be prepared. Bring all your cool weather gear-just in case! NEVER-EVER WEAR COTTON CLOTHING WHILE RAFTING! It becomes cold, wet, and clammy and you will to... Most Washington State rivers are either snowmelt or glacier fed; making the water very cold! So even on warm or hot sunny day on the sunny side of the mountains, our wetsuits and booties are highly recommended to keep you warm and comfortable. Please wear a swimsuit under your regular clothing to make changing easier.

We also recommend that you bring the following items:

  • Raincoat to keep upper body dry (or a paddling jacket)
  • Wool/ pile/ polypropylene sweater or shirt (you may want several layers in early spring or colder days)
  • Wool/ pile hat and gloves
  • Waterproof sunscreen: lip ointment
  • Head strap for eye glasses (contact lenses are not advised)
  • A cheap water bottle to bring in the raft with you
  • A Ziploc bag to store any small items that need to stay dry
  • A complete change of clothes and a towel for the end of the trip

Please, avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Watches should be waterproof. Do not bring anything on the raft that you don't want to lose! Rivers, Inc. cannot be responsible for loss or damage to your personal property.

Rivers Incorporated
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