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Suiattle river rafting trip

Breathtaking views of Glacier Peak, Whitehorse Mountain, and Bridal Falls while descending this beautiful, pristine river.

Located only 60 miles from the Seattle area, near the town of Darrington, the Suiattle River is a Federal designated Wild and Scenic River and one of the best wilderness river experiences in western Washington.

The Suiattle is largely fed by the glaciers of Glacier Peak, making it runnable the later part of the summer, long after the snow melt rivers have faded.

The river drops about 30 feet per mile, providing nearly continuous class III rapids for the first two thirds of the trip.

Then the river slows its pace, allowing time to take in the spectacular scenery as it meanders through the various braided channels finally making its way to the Sauk River.

A peaceful and outstanding day!

The Suiattle is rafted under special use permit issued by the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Rivers Inc is one of only four outfitters to hold this permit.

  • Suiattle River at a glance
  • Class: III
  • Trip: Rat Trap Pass Bridge to Sauk River
  • Distance: 14 miles
  • Season: mid July-mid August
  • Drive Time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Seattle
  • Age Limit: 10 years old

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