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Wenatchee river rafting trip

Come see for yourself why the Wenatchee River is Washington State's most popular whitewater run!

This trip starts at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, just outside the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, and ends outside the city of Wenatchee. The Wenatchee River is noted for having the largest waves in the state (sometimes over 10 feet high!) and plenty of sunshine.

Despite all its adrenaline pumping action, the Wenatchee River is a relatively easy river to navigate, making it suitable for a wide range of skills and ages.

For the most excitement, catch it at its peak flows! The less aggressive may want to try it at lower water levels (the beginning and end of the season) when it is less intimidating but still plenty of fun!

  • Wenatchee River at a glance
  • Class: III
  • Trip: The Rock-cut to Monitor
  • Distance: 18 miles
  • Season: April-mid July
  • Drive Time: 2hrs 30mins from Seattle
  • Age Limit: 10 years old

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